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We Provide The Tools To Help You Succeed

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Social Work

Let us empower you with tools and resources as well as show you how to activate those tools when you know your rights. We will help you to become aware of the Charter of Human Rights which will further empower you to be heard and respected as you pursue your challenges of the many systems which stand between you and your families.

Mental Health

We are here to support you, to walk and stand alongside you, to represent you as well as to educate and impact you. We also want to assist you with tools and resources for your mental and emotional well-being by doing so in a safe place, using a platform specifically for men.

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Image by Hunters Race

Legal Services

We are here when you feel discouraged in the battle with the legal systems, and when you feel you cannot exhaust any more energy or finances. Fortitude can connect you directly to our partnering lawyers and paralegals.

And more

We offer a range of additional services, including mentorship, divorce care, advocacy, accountability, life coaching & education.

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