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Current Programs

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Anger management program aimed to prevent return imprisonment and prevent divorce where necessary. You will learn how to reconcile and restore relationship(s) with appropriate and healthy behaviours using the tools provided to you and practised daily in your day-to-day routines.


Facilitated by Carla Rodrigues

What's Good About Anger?


Divorce Care - Supportive Program

You probably don’t like the circumstances you are in and you may feel deeply hurt or angered by what has happened. These feelings are normal. However, divorce care groups provides a safe space where you’ll hear concepts that help you heal from your separation and divorce - in fact you’ll hear things that can help you put all the pieces of your life back together again. We are glad you found us and we look forward to spending the time together as you start down the road toward rebuilding your life where you will heal and learn to develop deepened relationships again.


Healing a Father's Heart

After an abortion, a forgotten victim is the baby's father. This study helps men acknowledge and face their inner turmoil. Men will learn about God's unchanging, loving character and His desire to forgive them and to heal their hearts.

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Have you ever wondered, WHY WAIT? WHAT’S THE POINT? WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? Maybe you think the idea of waiting is a dated concept. Why Waiting Works offers practical advice to avoid the common pitfalls made by many when it comes to sex and dating. It is a ‘How to’ for doing relationships in a different way. It covers the timeless principle of delayed gratification to get what we want MOST instead of just what we want right now—in every area of our lives. Why Waiting Works is the self-proclaimed, most practical book ever written on the subject of waiting to have sex until marriage. While some books have been written, few, if any, have ever broken it down as clearly. Why Waiting Works deconstructs the myths and misconceptions associated with the often misunderstood, but vital to understand subject.  

Why Waiting Works - Sexual Abstinence Support and Program

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Delivers assistance in protecting the rights of the father and assisting him access to services and community partners. 

Helps ensure that he has access to his legal rights as well as to places that will give him the necessary resources.

Assists him to bounce back and to set up to be the protector of his home and child/children. 

As the King chess piece.....Fortitude stands to protect all our Kings by helping them to endure adversity with strength and integrity.

The King Program

The Rook Program.jpg

The Rook Program

Strives to build community partners to provide benevolent services to our Fathers.....helping them push through obstacles and advocating for them.

When necessary, empowering him with Mental Health and Well Being Services through community partners and entrepreneurs.  These providers strive to give back to the community through their benevolent services/ programs for the Men/Fathers and child(ren). 

Fortitude Social Service Workers and Community Workers will move with you as advocates through this chessboard of obstacles. 

Programs Coming Soon

Working behind the scenes to deliver and bring you these programs.

The goal of the Good Sense Budget Course is for you to commit to and begin developing a positive and healthy spending plan. By the end of the course you will have a spending plan in your hand, the knowledge in your head to implement it, and a commitment in your heart to follow through on it. The commitment of the good sense ministry is to provide you with the practical steps and individual assistance to help make that happen.

Good Sense Budget Course


Single Parenting - Supportive Program

The number of single-parent families grows dramatically each year. 

Single & Parenting makes it easy for FORTITUDE to help single parents of all types: divorced, separated, widowed and never married. They are proven effective in helping people who are facing difficult life circumstances. Single & Parenting represents the same high quality and commitment of FORTITUDES, values and vision

Forgiven and Set Free _ Women.jpg

Post-Abortion Support

Women who hurt after an abortion usually have such dep scars that they have difficulty talking about their pain. Linda Cochrane, who suffered from post-abortion syndrome, gently helps these women open up and unearth deeply buried feelings of stress, guilt, and shame in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Group Lead By: Carla

We welcome sponsors, donors and donations to obtain program rights and programming staff
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